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Our Team



Judy Robinson
Executive Director
(802) 251-0203 ext. 701
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Susan Sabella
Director of Operations
(802) 251-0203 ext. 702
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Steve Taylor
Program Director
(802) 251-0203 ext. 703
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Michele Roberts

Co-Coordinator, Environmental Justice Health Alliance for Chemical Policy Reform

(802) 251-0203 ext. 706
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Steve Powell
Finance Manager
(802) 251-0203 ext. 704
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Jennyfer López Aguilar
Manager of Administration & Special Projects
(802) 251-0203 ext. 700
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Phoebe Gooding
Program Associate
Local Food Solutions Coordinator
(802) 251-0203 ext. 705

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Stephanie Herron
Environmental Justice Health Alliance Organizer

(802) 251-0203 ext. 707

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Jim Irby
Network Organizer

(802) 251-0203 ext. 708

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Alex Kellogg
Communications Strategist

(802) 251-0203 ext. 709

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Minnie Boadu-Bennett
Operations Fellow
(802) 251-0203 ext. 0
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Board of Directors

Left to right: Ken Geiser, Judy Hatcher, Carolyn Fine-Friedman, Gary Cohen, Richard Moore, Marva King.
Not pictured: Danny Faber, Yudith Nieto


Ken Geiser, Chair
Professor Emeritus
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Carolyn Fine Friedman, Secretary
Executive Director
The Fine Fund

Gary Cohen, Vice Chair
Health Care Without Harm

Marva King, Treasurer
Independent Consultant

Richard Moore
Los Jardines Institute (The Gardens Institute)

Daniel Faber, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
Director, Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative
Northeastern University

Judy Hatcher
Executive Director
Biodiversity Funders Group

Yudith Nieto
Another Gulf is Possible


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