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Clean Energy and Climate Solutions

The interests of the chemical and fossil fuels industries are inextricably linked. Chemical companies use oil and gas feedstocks to make their products, and these chemicals are used to extract and process more fossil fuels. Communities living in oil and gas fields, near oil refineries, close to chemical manufacturing sites, near coal plants and mining sites are experiencing health and safety threats from many of the same chemicals and companies. Each of these industrial operations generates the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

fossil-fuel-fieldComing Clean is addressing this challenge by coordinating cutting-edge research projects on the presence of toxic chemical emissions in oil and gas-impacted communities and the hazards posed by those chemicals. We use this research to enable community groups to lead and participate in campaigns calling for more protective standards from oil and gas operations at all phases of developmentboth at legacy sites as well as in communities where oil and gas operations are being conducted today. We are also helping to inform and engage community members in shaping coal and climate-related policies, like the Clean Power Plan.

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The oil and gas industry has made our community their toxic dumping ground.  But Coming Clean has provided us with a network of people and tools to demand accountability.  Together we’re taking back our human rights to have clean water, clean air, and a safe environment for our families.”
Deb Thomas, ShaleTest


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