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Safe Products and Stores

The Campaign for Healthier Solutions calls on dollar stores to stock nontoxic products and healthier foods.

Dee Arellano is a community health worker and mother of a young child. She lives in Houston, and like other residents of the Gulf Coast, she faces the danger of a devastating hurricane every year. This danger is becoming worse as extreme weather events linked to climate change continue to increase. Dee and her family and friends lived through Hurricane Harvey in 2017, which caused the release of millions of pounds of toxic chemicals to the air and water, and the explosion of a nearby hazardous chemical facility.

Toxic lead in children’s toys; hormone-disrupting bisphenol-A (BPA) in plastic baby bottles and sippy cups for toddlers; harmful chemicals and allergens widely used in household cleaning products and in shampoos, lotions, and makeup—our exposure to hazardous chemicals in everyday products is pervasive.

We fill our homes and our bodies with products and food that could contain any of 100,000 different synthetic chemicals, most of which are untested and unregulated. Scientific evidence has shown that our homes, schools, and workplaces are saturated with chemicals that escape from these products, and our bodies are filled with chemicals that we breathe in, absorb through our skin, and eat or drink in foods. Babies are now born pre-polluted with over 200 industrial chemicals that they’ve already absorbed from their mother’s exposures. Workers in the petrochemical industry, manufacturing plants, and even retail stores also face additional workplace exposures. Decades of research shows that exposure to even tiny amounts of many chemicals can trigger chronic diseases and health disorders, either immediately or much later in life.

“How can we stay healthy and safe if the very products we need to get us through hardships are also laden with toxic chemicals? How can we be sure that our communities are purchasing safe and healthy products both before and after a disaster?”  — Dee Arellano, Houston, Texas

For more than fifteen years, Coming Clean has coordinated campaigns involving dozens of local, state and national partners and experts to win public laws and corporate policies to remove harmful chemicals from the market and promote safer alternatives. To make this happen, Coming Clean builds principled collaborations from the bottom up, starting with the the priorities and leadership of the most impacted people and communities, and uniting them with policy advocates, science and health professionals, business leaders, investors, workers, and other allies—to create sophisticated campaigns that win real change.

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