There are over 12,000 high-risk chemical facilities in America — and roughly 40% of U.S. residents live within three miles of one or more of them. That means more than 124 million people are living every day with the threat of chemical leaks, spills, and explosions that imperil their families’ health, safety, and ultimately, their lives.

The people who live in these “Fenceline Zones” are disproportionately Black and Latino, and the poverty rate in these communities is much higher than the rest of America.

It’s these vulnerable communities that are most heavily impacted by the dangers of nearby chemical facilities, which have already caused thousands of fires, explosions, and chemical spills, tens of thousands of injuries, and even deaths. That’s an average of one incident every other day in America — and it will continue unless we act now.

Tell the Trump administration and Congress to take immediate action to protect the communities closest to high-risk, hazardous chemical facilities.

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Protect fenceline communities from toxic chemical explosions

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